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Cold Pressed Oils


Oils made by grinding nuts and seeds (depending on the oil being made) into a paste at a controlled low temperatures less than 115 degree F. After that a tool is used like expeller to press the paste, which forces the oil to separate out. The oil cannot be heated in this process. Thus the nutritional value, color and flavor of the oil is intact as per its origin. These kinds of oils are great for cooking and skin care requirements.

In Beauty Segment

  • Cold pressed almond, sesame and coconut oil can be used for dandruff and flaking on scalp.
  • Used as moisturizers
  • Acts as a good hair mask and helps treating frizzy hair and split ends
  • Mix with Foundation and apply it as a base

In Cooking segment

  • Topping for salads
  • Used to sprinkle over cooked food
  • Best for baking breads