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The words that said “you are what you eat” have a pragmatic meaning. We know how it is to be in a diverse country as ours, India. We expect a variety of regional & traditional cuisines. A melange of climate, culture ethnic groups and importantly the soil we own, which brings us to rich spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Our traditions and religious choices have highly influenced Indian food habits. We tend to adapt to more natural, more organic and less conventional food which, since centuries have led us to a long and healthy life. With respect to our traditional authenticity we take a step towards adding the essence of Cold Pressed Oils.


In last two years Olixir produced three batches of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Peanut Oil, Walnut Oil and Pistachio Oil. With growing sales we focus on introducing new range of products.
1800+ bottles of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil.
1950+ bottles of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
800+ bottles of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Peanut Oil
690+ bottles of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Walnut Oil
In mid-2019, Olixir introduced a new concept of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Pistachio Oil, in the next few months Olixir sold out a great number of bottles. Olixir is in the market in the Beauty segment which is the Rose Coconut Scrub, the scrub consists of Freshly Plucked Rose Petals, Himalayan salt and Olixir’s very own Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Face Oil, Hair Oil, Body Oil, Hair fall Control Oil, Hair Growth oil and Dandruff Control Oil.

Priyanshi Patel, Founder and Managing Director

As the founder of the brand, Ms. Priyanshi Patel’s expertise and insights have ensured that Olixir adheres to stringent international standards of production and packaging, to deliver on the promise of nature’s goodness and health. Awarded as one of the Youngest Female Entrepreneur, which adds a star to her fascinating profile. The director of N.K.Proteins Pvt.Ltd. and founder of brand Olixir Oils Ms. Priyanshi Patel, a young dynamic entrepreneur from an oil manufacturing background. Focuses to deliver a healthy lifestyle, committed to delivering a standard product in the market. She believes there is no alternative to the perfect things.’

Driven by Principles

Since we are not obliged by the rules of everyday manufacturing, to bring additives into our cold-pressed oils. Olixir has crafted a set of principles that shall make each olixir droplet taste exactly the way it did centuries ago.

Eyes Deserve the Truth

Olixir comes without any added colours, chemicals, or enhancers. Your eyes see truth in its absolute form.

Tongue Knows Honesty

Olixir stands only for the taste of its raw and cold-pressed ingredients. Your tongue shall have a treat of honesty every time it meets a droplet of Olixir.

Driven by a Concept of Fragrances

No drop of Olixir will ever carry a synthetic fragrance. Between the naturally muted but slowly enhancing fragrances of olixir oil, which will leave your senses mesmerised.

Each Drop is an Experience

Each bottle of Olixir will tell the story of the dreamers who conceptualized it, the enthusiasts who sourced it, and the patrons who acquire it.

From the Hands of Master Craftsmen

In the due process of bringing the best droplet of Olixir in every bottle, we will make sure we are surrounded by the finest, hard-working and ambitious people who will enhance the idea of Olixir oils