Go for Cold Pressed Oils for Amazing Health Benefits

Go for Cold Pressed Oils for Amazing Health Benefits

Cold-pressed oils have recently gained popularity. The desire to experiment with and include these traditional health items into cuisine is certainly increasing its popularity among the health-conscious.

Increased obesity rates, associated ailments, and more awareness of how oil is derived are just a few of the reasons why cold pressed oils are making a comeback in our kitchen pantries.

With so many cooking oil options available in modern markets (such as gingelly, rice bran, canola, olive oil, and so on), it is critical to make informed decisions. Going the local, non-blended, and chemical-free approach is a definite way to do this well. And if this appears to be a lot of work, just ask your grandmother! What they used to eat prior to all of the modernity is the best option.

Extraction by industrial methods entails a variety of processes such as bleaching, steaming, distillation, and hydrogenation - the seeds are exposed to extremely high temperatures to obtain clear bland oil, and chemicals such as phosphoric acid and calcium hypo chlorite are added to increase the shelf life of the product, which affects not only the flavour and aroma but also strips the oil of all its nutritive values. The less nourishing an oil is for our bodies, the more refined it is.

We used to use cold pressed oils before refined oils, in which t he seeds were crushed/pressed with no or minimal heat, and the manufacturing process was basic, with no solvent used. As a result, the ultimate product was high-quality and nutrient-dense, making it excellent for cooking.

The Advantages of Organic Cold-Pressed Oil

Unprocessed - No preservatives or chemicals have been applied.
Pesticides are completely absent (which are arguably carcinogenic)
Rich in Vitamin E and micronutrients, which are essential for our overall health.
There is no trans fat in this product.
Antioxidants are retained.
It is more viscous and preserves all of the flavour because it is manually filtered. This results in a 20% reduction in oil consumption when compared to industrially produced refined oil.

These are some quick facts!

Cold pressed groundnut oil has a smoke point of roughly 160 degrees Celsius. The smoke point of refined industrially produced groundnut oil is roughly 210°C. Cold pressed coconut oil has a smoke point of roughly 180 degrees Celsius. The smoke point of refined industrially produced coconut oil is roughly 210°C. There is a common misconception that deep frying food in cold pressed manually filtered oil is unhealthy. However, because most deep frying in Indian cookery occurs between 120 and 150 degrees Celsius, cold pressed oils are suitable for deep frying.

Cold pressed oils typically have a shelf life of six months if stored properly. (in a dry location away from direct sunshine). It is best to stock up on oil for your monthly needs.

To reap the full advantages of cold pressed oil, search for the ORGANIC label and carefully read the ingredients (the lesser the better)

Every oil has its unique nutrient profile, as different kinds provide distinct benefits and play important roles in health. The best method to reap the benefits is to utilise a combination of oils based on the foods ingested.

Sesame oil includes sesamol, which aids in vitamin E absorption. Sesamol is also an anti-oxidant and anti-fungal agent. Sesame oil is high in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6, has a strong flavour, and is best used in moderate amounts. It goes well with idli podi.

Coconut oil - When compared to the industrial approach, cold pressed coconut oil preserves substantially more cocositol (a naturally occurring plant alcohol found in abundance in coconut). Cocositol inhibits the formation of amyloid-beta plaques in the brain. (The creation of these a-beta plaques is one of the primary causes of memory loss and Alzheimer's disease). Cocositol also aids in the formation of new neuron cells. As a result, it is extremely effective for patients suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Perfect for flavouring gravies and chutneys with.

Groundnut oil, derived from sun-dried ground nuts and an excellent source of plant sterols, aids in the reduction of heart disease and is high in antioxidants, so protecting against cancer. Cold pressed groundnut oil contains a high concentration of MUFA. It contains no trans fat.

An ancient proverb states that too much of anything is bad, which is very true when it comes to oil consumption - though loaded with vital nutrients, it is advised to be used in moderation as each ml of oil provides 9 calories; do not overdo it when cooking with oil as it can lead to weight gain and thus it is always prudent to enjoy food with caution.
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