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Make Your Delicacies a Sensational Experience.

What denotes your most remembered dining experiences? They are so much more than just the food – the aroma of cooking, the sheen of the delicacy, the texture of each bite, and the sumptuous taste as the food melts in the mouth. Gourmet Oil is the detail you have been waiting for, to transform your food into a sensational dining experience. Cold-pressed oils keep the innate value, taste, and nutritional quotient of ingredients like avocado, olive, and nuts intact. Add to this the intense attention to detail in the design, development, and delivery process at Olixir and what you get is a cooking & dining experience distinctively marked by purity of natural aromas and lasting flavours. The Olixir Gourmet Oils have been crafted to add the exact amount of magnificence you need for your food. Be it a pizza for the party or a soup for the special someone, every recipe will now be enriched with a memorable experience for the senses.

The Magic of Gourmet Oils

Gourmet Oils bring the best of cold-pressed oils to your delicacies and the cooking experiences. Each family of Olixir Gourmet Oils brings its own profile of tastes, aroma, and craft to your food and palate. Salad Oils bring the perfect addition of taste and amplify the nutritional quotient of your salads. Drizzle a spoonful of Olixir Salad Oils in your salads and enjoy the guilt-free treat for your senses. Soup Oils make each of your soups more tasteful and exciting. Add the Olixir Soup Oils to your soup’s recipe and have an enhanced appetizer always available before your dining events. Pizza Oils break the myth that pizza is already a perfect dish. Instead of garnishing each slice with oregano and chili flakes, use the Olixir Pizza Oils and enjoy a more enriched taste of the same slice in every bite. Premium Oils with Gold Flakes are the luxury every dining room craves for. Add a teaspoon of Olixir Premium Oils to your dishes and elevate the taste-profile of everyday recipes into the most exotic culinary experiences.

Gourmet Delicacies

Olixir Gourmet Oils are crafted to occupy a special place in your kitchen and on your dining table. Their enriched taste, rich aroma, and natural form make them the perfect companion to be added in the cooking and the consuming cycle of your recipes. Appetizers Every salad and soup deserves an Olixir. Add the gourmet oils in the recipe mix or add them moments before serving, and enjoy the perfect appetizers every single time. Entrée Whether you are making pasta, ordering pizzas, baking, or frying one of your all-time favourites, there is a perfect Olixir available to treat your senses. Desserts Some nut oils, when used with care, are the perfect fit for traditional desserts that can beautifully culminate your dining experience.

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